Our Mobile Milking Parlour Systems

Key Features

The following list of features differentiate the proposed milking parlour system from what limited competition there is:

Right: A dairy cattle milking parlour system in use

Mobile Milking Parlours System
The features of our units are listed below:
  • A high throughput parlour catering for approximately 600 litres per hour.
  • A modern facility that complies with all current dairy cattle regulations.
  • Professionally constructed, can be located outside, and is easy to erect.
  • Ergonomically designed presenting cattle to the dairy man in a manner that promotes an efficient environment.
  • Easy to clean down - can be cleaned using high pressure water cleaners.
  • Designed to use the farmer's existing milking clusters easily connected to the machine's pipework system.
  • Easy to hook up to farmer's bulk storage tank with milk transfer pump.
  • Highly mobile, can be towed and manoeuvered by standard tractor into confined spaces.
  • Realistically priced to assist dealers with the selling of new parlours.
If you would like to book one of our parlours, please call us on (+44) (0)1434 381793, alternatively you may choose to fill in our enquiry form.

Contact Details

Park Gate, Brampton Road,
Alston, Cumbria, CA9 3AA
+44 (0)1434 381793

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